In order to earn the customers’ trust with perfect products, SIIM has introduced the most advanced efficient modern production equipments in the world, such as automatic molding system, gating system and precision CNC machining system. Spectro spectrum analysis system (made in Germany), full-automatic three-coordinate measuring system, X flaw detector and other quality inspection equipments are also adopted by SIIM. Sticking to the principle of ensuring high-quality products with high-quality equipments, SIIM has been dedicated to improving the automation degree of casting production and building itself into a model for modern casting plant in the 21st century.

Full-Automatic DISA Molding Line

Japan Fuji Medium-frequency
Induction Furnace

Independently Developed Flabellate
Pouring System

Germany EIRICH Sand Mixing System

Japanese Okuma Machining Center

Japanese Sinton Shot blasting

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