SIIM will always spare no efforts to develop satisfactory quality casting products with its technology and talents to meet the customers’ requirements. In recent years, with the development of computer technology, SIIM has applied computer sprue simulation technology, 3D laser scanning measurement and other brand new technologies in the design, research and development of casting products.




Instead of only focusing on hardware technology, SIIM also attaches great importance to cultivating talents. Since SIIM is a modern machinery manufacturing enterprise, its product R&D team consists of only professionals with associate college degrees or higher degrees and rich project development experience. What’s more, to strengthen future development potentials, SIIM continuously recruits professional talents to improve its technical smart power. In recent years, SIIM has been training talents of the company and promoting the professional standard of engineering technical personnel with the help of follow-up education as well as attracting high-quality talents with master degrees or higher degrees from famous colleges and universities all over the country to enrich our R&D team. Meanwhile, it has been strengthening its core competitiveness by making the most of talent advantages through the training mechanism jointly developed with its parent company in Japan.

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